My Personal Mission

Hi, I’m Zachary Smith, Owner and operator at US Veteran Woodworks.

I’m a prior service Army medic, that is now finding even more ways to serve my county and community. Two years ago, I took it upon myself to build a 6’ American flag with no prior woodworking experience and only two basic tools. This would hang in my garage as a symbol of my patriotism and comfort me while exiting the army and integrating back into a civilian life. I took a picture of it, posted it to my facebook page, and had 8 orders right out of the gate. Now, I was to balance paramedic school, and creating flags out of a 1 car garage, at the same time.

I made the decision in my head that this is what I was going to do full-time and to me, at first, it felt like jumping off of a cliff. The first year and a half, I was battling the elements until I could save up for a canopy tent. All cutting and sanding happened outside, unprotected from rain, snow, hail, and high winds. I think it was natures way of saying take a break, you’re working too hard.

I’ve successfully crafted over 450 different pieces of art, American Flags, Colorado Flags, and custom pieces. With the help of Fedex shipping services, they are in a total of 6 different countries, over half the states, in the Pentagon, in the hands of our secretary of defense General James Mattis, Senator Corey Gardener, and even Donald Stratton, a local 95 year old USS Arizona Survivor. I’ve also donated multiple pieces to families of police officers, firefighters and military service members that have recently lost their loved ones in the line of duty.My passion as an individual, and as a business owner, is to become the best flag maker in the world. It’s reflected in my work, because to me: it’s a labor of love. You’re not just a flag maker; you’re an important person that has very active role in the community. You eat, sleep, and live around these flags. You learn about the deaths, and the tragedies, the celebrations, retirements and the kind selfless giving, and the situations between them all. Each flag has a story behind it, and a multitude of people that are impacted. The best part of my day is knowing that I get to help tell that story, and be a blessing someone else’s life.

Most veterans are at a loss for what to do when they get out of the service. These guys are people that wrote a blank check, payable up to their life, in order to defend our country and our freedom, and some of them get absolutely ignored. I think the military does a pretty good job of preparing you for exiting the service, but I don’t think you find what you really want to do until you’re on you’re actually on your own for a while. It’s different for everybody.

If you’d ask any veteran today what them miss the most, I’d bet that 9 times out of 10, they are going to say the comradery. I want to employ other veterans that have a difficult time after exiting the service or feel like they have no where else to turn. I want them to feel a sense of belonging again and be able to work in an environment that is comfortable and inviting.


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