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32" Standard Concealment Gun Box - 15 ft. Remote Stealthlock Equipped

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The first line of gun-boxes available for purchase! We considered every possible option and loaded it down with tons of extras. This gun-box platform can safely secure 4-5 handguns + magazines using a remote-controlled Stealthlock. The Stealthlock can be mounted or hidden and operates up to 15 feet away. The remote can be reprogrammed with a custom 4-8 digit code. Simply enter the code and press the unlock button to access the box. 

The box operates on a smooth ball-bering pair of track slides and includes a custom fit 57mm Kaizen foam insert (The best foam in the industry)! This foam is easily manipulated making carving gun slots a breeze. 

Measures 33.5" wide by 21" tall. The box extends making the platform 34" tall. Total box depth 3.75". Useable Box Space 22.5" x 14.25" (aprox. 4-5 handguns)