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Colonial Series Concealment Case - 4 Sizes Available

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This is the baddest concealment case you can buy! 

The Colonial Series features a wavy, darker red than the normal standard color scheme. The box is equipped with dual stealthlocks that are reprogrammable and unlock the box from up to 15 feet away. The pin code can be changed to a 4-8 digit code. It comes fully loaded down with the widest carve-able foam, ball bering track slides with spring assist, and a larger box depth for rifle platforms.

Difference in sizes

32" - Single stealthlock, No springs needed

3' - Single Stealthlock, No springs needed

4' - Dual Stealthlock, Spring Assist

5' Rifle Platform - Dual Stealthlock, Spring Assist


If you cannot find the concealment case you're looking for on the site or want to add some custom work to the face of it, please shoot me a message on my facebook page for the fastest response!