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40" Colorado Masterpiece Series ft. Pike's Peak

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Spruce up any living space with this shockingly brilliant Colorado Masterpiece Series. It measures 40" X 23.75" and will fill most walls without taking up too much space. It has electric borders and vibrant colors! The surface is professionally treated with top-of-the-line resin making it appear "wet". The C & O portions of the flag are 3 dimensional and are raised. The centerboard is entirely hand-done and has an indented texture. (Please send me a message for custom Colorado flags to get design confirmation) 

All of my flags are outfitted with the strongest french cleat mounting kit. The kit includes a series of tough drywall screws and a bubble level - this ensures perfect hanging every time! The back of the flag is also treated with a light absorbing paint making it appear as if it's floating on the wall.